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Flood Insurance Required for Some Commercial Properties

With hurricane season fast approaching, there are always plenty of news reports about how homeowners can be prepared for storms, damage and flooding. Business owners and commercial properties are often lost in the shuffle and need to take precautions … [Read More...]


Investors Look Beyond Apartments for Higher Yields

Investors seem to finally be withdrawing from the apartment complex craze that enjoyed steady returns for the past several years. Several real estate studies and surveys show that as apartment rents and occupancy growth tapered off in the face of new … [Read More...]


Sales of Vacation Homes Reach Record Highs

Sales of vacation homes reached record-highs in 2014 while investment purchases fell for the fourth straight year, according to an annual survey of residential homebuyers released by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). NAR's 2015 Investment … [Read More...]