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CFPB Clarifies Rule for Inherited Homes

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently clarified a rule that has been perplexing for heirs of mortgaged homes. A new interpretive rule stipulates that when a borrower dies, the name of the borrower's heirs may be added to the … [Read More...]


CRE Investors Benefit from 1031 Exchange

  At NBI Properties, we're fielding lots of questions from investors interested in the IRS tax code 1031 exchange. This important tax code is attractive to investors because it permits the sale of one investment property to in order to … [Read More...]


Diversifying Investments With Real Estate

Many people accustomed to investing in the stock market are aware of the age-old advice that it's wise to practice diversification. The idea is to minimize risk by not putting all of your eggs into one basket (or one particular stock) and to aim for … [Read More...]