Property Management

“Build it and they will come,” goes the old adage. But who will cut the grass and put out the garbage after they get there? You paid a lot for your commercial property; you have a lot invested in it. So how are you going to protect it one, five, 10 years down the road?

Experienced property management is crucial in protecting that investment. At NBI, we have a long history in managing virtually every kind of commercial property – like office, industrial, retail, hotel, medical, educational, multi-family and corporate facilities. Our current management portfolio of more than 5 million square feet speaks volumes about our customers’ faith in NBI to care for their investment.

We manage each property as if the investment was our own. In the end, your business becomes our business. NBI provides a variety of property management services tailored to meet each client’s objectives with measurable results. Our plan is to maximize cash flow for you even as we protect your investment – ensuring an accruing equity for your portfolio.

At NBI, we offer each client a customized plan to maximize their property’s potential. Our goal is to maintain current rental rates – and increase them as we can. We handle all daily maintenance and up-keep to ensure the appreciation of your investment. We will create and implement a marketing plan to minimize vacancies and maximize rentals. In sum, we will manage your property as if it were part of our own portfolio.

Below is a list of management services we provide. Any service can be omitted and unlisted services are always considered. Again, as in other areas of our business, NBI is customer-centered. Our aim always is to please you, our clients. For a modest monthly management fee, we provide:

Accounting Services:

  • Full service accounting department
  • Rental collection with a strong policy enforcement
  • Bill Pay Options
  • Detailed monthly financial reports on each property

Maintenance Services:

  • Establish and maintain regular property maintenance
  • Lawn care service coordination
  • Tenant requests and scheduling services
  • Payment Option for Vendor services

Marketing Services:

  • Planning and coordination of Marketing Campaign

Tenant Relations:

  • 24 hour availability
  • Thorough Tenant scanning process