Tenant Representation

As one of the leading commercial real estate investment firms in the Southeast, NBI often assists local, regional and national corporations and retail organizations analyze their business models. Tenants turn to NBI when they relocate or expand. We’re the one-stop shop when it comes to lease or sublease in office, industrial or retail space. At NBI’s offices around the State, our brokers have local roots. This “inside knowledge” is key to our success – for only the insider knows both what is available now – and what possibilities the future may hold. Productivity, space needs, operational protocols and financial requirements are all weighed in developing a strategy that will maximize our returns. Real estate purchases are not impulse buys; they are based hard, laboriously acquired information. At NBI, we have access to America’s most exhaustive commercial real estate databases. These tools were created by professionals whose job it is to canvas the country, interviewing owners and brokers, inspecting properties and examining public records. The result is a near-total picture of the nation’s commercial real estate offerings. Combined, these results build accurate, real-time data for informed decision-making.